femaFHZDaily FEMA, Wildfire, Hurricane, Earthquake & Hazard Updates
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About the Data Layers

FEMA flood hazard zones updated daily as new data becomes available. Wildfire risk & earthquake risk updated as required. Current wildfires since 1970 updated daily. Current year wildfires, hot spots and surface smoke layers updated 4 times daily. 3 day rain total & 3 day snow total forecasts updated daily. April 1st average snow cover/SWE updated annually. Forecast storm surge updated as events occur, then 4 times daily. Hurricane Category 1-5 max possible storm surge updated as required. Annual precipitation layer updated as required. Hurricane/Tropical depression update as event occurs, then 4 times daily. Populated places as required. 7 day precipitation totals updated daily. Weather radar updated every 15 minutes. ACLED data updated weekly, daily if updates available.

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